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Deadly Enhancements

Deadly enhnacements.jpeg

Humanity seems hell-bent on marching toward a future that makes those on the fringe ask... are we losing ourselves? 

Already, we're seeing drones replace postal workers and AI-operated cars filling our streets. We're starting to experience the ramification of how our carefully curated digital lives are just as critical as our actual ones... or maybe even more so.

How do unchecked technological advances shape us? How do we shape them? Does humanity still have time to choose its own future or is it too late?

Thirteen authors present their versions of a tomorrow that could very well be. Seeking answers to questions most aren't even asking, this collection of short stories explores the dark side of a technologically-advanced future where AI inhabits our bodies and the line between man and machine begins to blur with each advancement.


Thank You for Cari


Ever wonder how the oppressive walls of California-Annex were built? As the first installation of Stories From the Annex, Thank You For Caring, serves as an origin story of Tronick's world and a long line of truth seekers who are compelled to collect books. William F. Callahan, Prisoner ID: 61629-098, is one of several hundred hand-selected inmates from the prison city of Needles. They are building the Hives floor by floor, hundreds of feet above the cracked desert landscape. Under the watch of patrol drones and governors, the construction crews are kept on task with a T.O.M.S.I. (Task-oriented Memory Synchronistic Implant). None of the workers know each other’s personal thoughts, except for Callahan—well, sort of. When his friend is shivved, and a mass exodus at the border devolves into a riot, Callahan’s world changes. After wanting so desperately to rewrite his legacy beyond the summary of his rap sheet, he begins to wonder if he even can.

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