Rosie Record spent her first three years in Japan, the next three in Texas, and then the rest of her childhood in a sleepy mountain community in Southern California. She always dreamed of writing professionally, pushing east, and exploring the world, yet after graduating with a BA in linguistics, she married a serviceman and was pushed into the world of corporate instead. She went from writing fantasy and romance stories to writing work emails and instructive PowerPoints.


It wasn’t until she filed for divorce against her abusive husband, packed a single suitcase, and flew from San Diego to New York, she internalized what she had been telling herself for years: You only have one life, so live it well… live it without fear.

Record had become her own knight in battle-worn armor, and with that, started to write again—but her writing had taken on a darker edge.

In 2019, Record said goodbye to her corporate career and dove head-first into the arts in order to persue that ever-elusive constitutional right of happiness. In that time she started writing music and composing soundtracks for dramatic narratives, documentaries, comedic skits, etc., while finishing her debut cyberpunk novel, TRONICK.

If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it

—Beverly Cleary

Record took the words of Beverly Cleary to heart and built a dystopian California-Annex brick by brick, then slammed her antihero in the middle.  

I created a strong female character who is real. Fiona Tronick doesn’t fall victim to all of the infuriating tropes you see with female leads. Instead, she’s a walking INFJ contradiction: Fractured mind with strong principles, anxiety-riddled yet brave, an over-thinker who gets lost in the big picture, and a real asshole who’s loyal to a fault. No super strength, super smarts, or super looks. Just human.

I started this story several years ago and over time it evolved into something deeper, more sinister, and pertinent in today’s world, but I believe it has the power to resonate with all generations. Because a strong female antihero set in a sinister Utopia provides the perfect backdrop for commentary on society, politics, religion, and what it actually means to have control.

The story of Fiona Tronick started out as just scribbles in a notebook, but after starting her life over in NYC, Record revisited the story with determination. The concept of 'freedom is to the east' permeated each rewrite and the story grew into a mental revolution.

Record loves to garden, cook, play the piano, and compose film scores. She is now married to an incredibly kind man who's a talented photographer and filmmaker. He acts as her alpha reader while she helps out on photo shoots and movie sets.  

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To those who are feeling trapped and scared in life… please remember, you are stronger than you think you are, and you can become your own knight in battle-worn armor too.